Mindfulness is the practice of wholeheartedly taking hold of our attention and committing to being fully awake in the present moment. It involves learning to take a step back, noticing what’s going on and then using accurate language to describe our observations. Letting go of interpretations and harsh judgments, we begin to think more clearly and heighten our awareness of how our emotions influence us.

Becoming fully present permits us to resist seeing things the way we want them to be and, instead, simply acknowledge what is real. When we see the facts of a situation as they are, we can more readily get in touch with our inner wisdom. That clear vision naturally promotes making decisions that work for us rather than against us.

Mindfulness can help us take charge of the direction and quality of our lives. For example, mindful strategies can help us manage stress, change old habits and styles of thinking that lead to depression and anxiety and make problem solving a more reliable process. Instead of feeling stuck, we develop the ability to redirect our energy in ways that lead to greater life satisfaction. 

Practicing Mindfulness involves using breathing methods, guided imagery, metaphor, self-compassion and other strategies that relax and focus the body and mind. A quick internet search will reveal many practice options. I have included several examples here to get you started including: Lovingkindness, Observe the Breath, The Wheel of Awareness, and Imagery

Whether you wish to improve relationships with loved ones, strengthen your ability to manage emotions or want a better sense of where you are headed in life, Mindfulness can help. 

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