Wheel of Awareness is one of my favorite Mindfulness practices. Developed by Daniel J. Siegel, I learned it many years ago while attending a training he conducted with Jack Kornfield. They are such excellent teachers!

This is a somewhat advanced practice because it requires the ability to sustain attention, observing both within and outside of yourself.  It is an excellent experience of shifting awareness, on purpose.

We begin by imagining a wagon wheel which represents our awareness.  The wheel’s hub is the very center of that awareness.  From that hub, we can send spokes of awareness out to notice different areas on the wheel’s rim and then pull awareness back to our center. 

We divide the rim of the wheel into four areas.  The upper left quadrant represents the Outer World.  The upper right holds our Interior Body.  The lower right area of the rim is where we notice Mental Activities.  Finally, at the lower left area of the rim we notice Relationships.

So, set aside some time and join me in an exploration of awareness.  It’s a beautiful practice that will leave you feeling centered and very much in the moment.

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